What’s Happening?

SAHAE: – A hemp industry trade show combined with a hemp, wellness, and arts consumer marketplace. Join us as we learn, as a collective, about all the latest wonderful things hemp is doing for wellness of our minds, bodies, and planet!

Ashejam: – The biggest live music event of this festival season! Check out the musicians, schedules, and more here.

Live Artist Market: – Fun and funky demonstrations by local artists expressing their passions and creativity! An opportunity for you to bring home a piece of Asheville’s innovative and unique artist culture.

Attractions: – Impressive acts such as jugglers, stilt walkers, fire spinners, and more will be spreading love and smiles throughout the festival grounds.

Workshops: – Share space and energy with like-minded participants! You’ll find offerings for wellness of body and mind in yoga and meditation, practical applications for living such as wilderness skills, education of industrial hemp usage in building materials, and more!

Theme Camps: – More than simply observing, Theme Camps invite you to totally immerse yourself in the festival experience and become a part of the collective celebratory mindset. Sharing their expression with the community, these groups of participants offer lively interactive experiences highlighting culture and creativity.

Independent Film Festival: – An opportunity to witness emerging independent film actors, producers and directors presenting their best innovative works on the big screen. Some presenters will be on site for Q&A after the film.(Friday and Saturday evenings, 6-9 PM.)

Why are we here?

SAHAE was created to assist in uniting the community on the future of the Hemp economy. The Southern Atlantic region is prime in this forward industry progression! We seek to unite farmers with industry sources and consumers with retailers, creating mutually beneficial opportunities for all!

Our mission includes providing education to the community of the vast benefits of Hemp – in fuel, food, energy, and medical fields, and how this plant and her products can help to save our world.

Promoting farmers, manufacturers, and companies in the Southern Atlantic states is a primary objective of SAHAE. Our vision is to provide an annual regional tour of all grassroots, organic hemp farmers and companies from the region. We are leveling the playing field, sharing a platform for businesses of all sizes to gain market share in this amazing industry.

Joining SAHAE includes benefits such as:

  • Industry Updates – Working daily on the latest details of this ever-changing industry, SAHAE will provide information on these happenings to members.
  • Hemp Advocates – Representing our members on the issues which need addressed.
  • HempTour.com – Our exclusive multi-city tour is for members of SAHAE.
  • Collective Management
  • Group Membership Healthcare Program

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