SAHAE Asheville is a 3-day Hemp Expo & Arts Festival  is providing multiple opportunities for exhibitors, vendors, and attendees with access to those in the hemp industry, and amazing arts & crafts vendors & performing artists. 

The end June, SAHAE will be producing the largest event in Asheville. with hundreds of vendors and dozens of bands, Our mission is creating an event which will provide attendees with an incredible entertainment value and the value for our exhibitors as our booth pricing significantly lower than other industry events, 

                   SAHAE is providing Opportunities for:

Exhibitors – an event providing those seeking hemp products and also those music & arts festival. These attendees will provide event patrons which are the consumers for our vendors & farmers in the hemp industry. With these vendors having such opportunities, this provides opportunities for those manufactures & hemp services to reach those whom would utilize these services and products.

Vendors – a reasonable booth rate and a festival geared to the arts, crafts and hemp; we have opportunities for vendors. And for those in the hemp industry, our Hemp Expo provides the opportunity to monetize a trade show.

Attendees – the opportunity for our patrons with a great weekend festival offered an affordable at $20 daily ticket rate, great music line-up and outstanding vendors. Plus, to discover and learn about Hemp & Wellness while provided access to amazing arts, crafts, food, products and of course music.

The Artisan Community – providing a creative outlet to thrive, explore and collaborate in a liberating event with expressionism

Why we are here?

To unite the community on the future of the Hemp Economy. The Southern Atlantic Region is prime in this wave and we are to unite the farmers with the sources in the industry, and the consumers with the retailers.

We love Hemp and Arts. And with collectively decades of experience in both industries, we are uniting our skills into our new vision with passion!

Our mission includes providing education to the community of the vast benefits of Hemp, in fuel, food, energy, medical and how this plant, and her products can save the world.

Promoting the farmers, manufactures and companies in the Southern Atlantic States is another primary objective of SAHAE. Our vision is to provide a regional tour in 2020 of all grassroots, organic hemp farmers and companies from the Southern Atlantic States. We are leveling the playing field for these new companies to gain market share in this amazing industry.

Joining SAHAE benefits include:

  • Industry Updates
    Working daily on the latest details of this ever- changing industry, SAHAE will provide information on these happenings to our members.
  • Hemp Advocates
    Representing our members on the issues needing addressed
    Our exclusive multi-city tour is for members of SAHAE.
  • Collective Management
    Working on the global management of collectives
  • Group Membership Healthcare Program
    Providing a group plan for our members is expected by 1/1/2021

Join Southern Atlantic Hemp …

$25 annually for the membership in the
Southern Atlantic Hemp & Arts Organization

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