Live Performing Artists Market

At the forefront of this festival, the Live Artist Marketplace consists of a wide variety of locals providing feasts for the eyes!  Whether you are a painter, glassblower, or use another medium to express your inner glow and passion, we have space for you here!

The inaugural year of this grassroots festival provides a unique opportunity for artists of all ways and means to come together, collaborate, and have an opportunity to display your works while you provide the live aspect.

Click Here to check out the variety of available options for artist participation.


Independent Film Festival

Bring your independent film to the Big Screen!  SAHAE is offering time and space for independent film artists, directors, and producers to showcase their creative stories and documentaries.  Innovative films, including those in Hemp culture, are invited to submit their latest and greatest work for consideration.

There are 2 ways to submit your film.  Either upload your film to HERE or fill out our SAHAE Presenter Form.


Theme Camps

Interact with festival attendees in lively, creative, and engaging manner.  Create an unforgettable experience leaving your participants full of laughter, love, and positivity, while keeping your brand top of mind after this festival adventure!

Click Here for the Presenter Forms.

Booth Options:
Live Performing Artists – Create and showcase your work while sharing energy with your audience.
Artist Market – Present your works on a display stand or easel in an open tent.
Roaming or Blanket Artists – Just entering the creative world or bringing only a few precious items, you’ll be provided an area for a blanket or basket of handcrafted items.
Arts & Crafts Booths – Opportunities for a plethora of mediums placed right where like-minded attendees are cruising through! (Spaces are the size of a parking spot. Let us know what you need, and we’ll also provide the best opportunity to promote your products within the event.)
Hemp & CBD – Outdoor opportunities are at a non-CBD/Hemp rate. (If you want to offer these products amidst the fresh air and festival energy, Hemp and CBD vendors are a higher rate.)
Outdoor Booth Hours:
11am – Midnight Friday and Saturday
11am – 6pm Sunday

**If this event is postponed, all rates will be honored, and fees applied to rescheduled date. We will be unable to provide a refund unless cancelled.

Live Performing  Artists Market

SAHAE is dedicated in providing opportunities for participation of those at all levels, from the struggling Artist to Industry leaders. Our Live Artist Market providing opportunities with roving/blanket vendors and live performing artists in the festival, 

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