Stephanie has over two-decades of experience in the fields of International Engineering
and Technical Consulting Management. She brings high-energy, enthusiastic, passionate and precise
business development acumen to an international clientele, consulting in the industries of petroleum,
energy, water, utilities, defense, shipping and agriculture. She commands three languages and has
consulted for public and private firms on five continents. Her client list includes the likes of the United
States Navy, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Royal Dutch Shell, Apache, Schlumberger, and General Electric, all of
whom have benefited from her advice and sharp technical analysis.

In the last decade, Stephanie started to direct her interest and her vast experience toward cannabis into all three sectors of Recreational, Medical, and Industrial.

She moved directly into production, founding a Colorado-based CBD farm in 2016. Stephanie applies
her knowledge and familiarity with the oil and gas industry directly to her cannabis industry clients. In 2019 she fulfilled one of her life-long dreams, to represent the cannabis plant to the world, when she
was chosen to be the Master of Ceremonies for the World CBD Awards. She currently holds this title.

Stephanie’s dream continued when she appeared in front of the Parliament and Prime Minister of the
Commonwealth of Antigua and Barbuda. She successfully introduced to them a business case for
sustainable and renewable energy and vertically integrated medicinal cannabis operations, as the
managing director, and on behalf of a $258M (USD) international pharmaceutical company. One of the
most important duties she had–and one of the most important in this line of business–was reporting.
She created and delivered financial, strategic and business reports to C-level Executives and
Investors pertaining to Cultivation, Testing, Processing/Manufacturing, Museum, Dispensary,
Delivery, Import/Export, and Lounge.

Stephanie graduated from Fort Lewis College in 1998 and studied at The George Washington University
(School of Business) and Ecole Superieure de Commerce de La Rochelle. Stephanie is a 20-year member
of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, Stephanie and her daughter both earned 1st degree Black Belts in
TaeKwonDo and are PADI certified open water divers.

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