**Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases in North Carolina, SAHAE and AsheJam have been rescheduled for June 25-27, 2021**


Please register for your booth by selecting your type and then selecting a spot on the map, thank you!

**As SAHAE is creating an event which participation is available for all positions within the industry, many with lean budgets, we are offering a payment plan. However, the event platform does not offer this within this system. For those seeking terms for their booth fees, we will contact you once your reservation is confirmed and create a payment plan via Paypal.


Booth Options:

Live Performing Artists

Creating art in the only, capturing the moment during the event and the eyes of an audience. You are provided an area to create and showcase your work.

Roaming or blanket artists

Providing an area for a blanket or a basket of handcrafted items. This is for those with limited items or beginning in the arts vending.

Arts & Crafts Booths

Those providing a wide range of wares the attendees are seeking. Outdoor booths are a parking spot.

*Exhibitors let us know what you need, and we will provide the best opportunity to promote your products within the event.  

Hemp & CBD

Outdoors is the best value for participation at SAHAE. As with inside booths, these booths are higher based on the required expenditures for this industry to produce this event.


SAHAE Booth Payment Options:

Standard Booth Fee

Paid in advance

Down Payment Option

1/3 down payment due on reservation; 1/3 due on June 1st; Balance due on June 24th

Outdoor Booth Hours:

11am – 1am Friday and Saturday

11am – 6pm Sunday