Stephen Miller, worked with successful medicinal cannabis operations beginning in 2012, while holding over (10) years of hands-on horticultural experience focused on utilizing nationally recognized organic grow methods for medicinal cannabis & hemp cultivation. He has cultivated in both indoor as well as outdoor grow environments and has familiarized himself with the most technologically advanced, organic grow, self-monitoring, and self-adjusting systems in the industry. Mr. Miller possesses countless hours of research related to the cultivation of medical-grade marijuana and industrial hemp, fine-tuning the maintenance of the plants, suiting their specific environmental needs and ensuring a continual and optimal harvest. Within this time Mr. Miller has conducted soil studies, pest and pathogen studies, breeding programs for resistance and beneficial traits, lighting and environmental testing.

During the course of his career, he has developed the technical expertise to grow and cultivate custom strains of medical-grade cannabis, as well as optimizing industrial hemp strains and operations, using a no-nonsense cost-efficient methodology which balances state of the art technology with sound organic cultivation fundamentals.

His approach strikes a logical economic balance utilizing sensible cost/benefit analysis, in contrast to the frequently unnecessary overuse of costly technologies & methodologies used by many in the cannabis/ hemp industry. Mr. Miller’s approach may best reflect the low-cost production model of the future for marijuana/hemp flower production as the industry becomes more competitive resulting from the expansion of distribution channels across the country.

Mr. Miller is Founder of Still Hope LLC, started in Colorado (2015) which was an industrial hemp, outdoor grow experimental project developed using only 7,800 sq.ft. with the objective of optimizing the yield from 156 plants. The result of this project was an average yield of 2.4 lbs. of flower per plant, for a total yield of 380 lbs. This experiment showed that by applying his outdoor grow methodology, he could yield the equivalent of over 2000 lbs. of flower per acre.

Mr. Miller is looking forward to bringing his extensive cultivation and breeding expertise nationwide with a wide variety of quality educational seminars and hands on training for the local farmers willing to explore the options of growing this plant that has the potential to change the future.