Hey, I’m Sarah

Hemp fibers are some of the longest, strongest, and most durable of all natural fibers and possess many desirable mechanical properties including high impact and flexural strength.

Born a wandering heart, it didn’t take me long to leave home in search of something different. Like most that make decisions beyond their years though, life hasn’t been easy. It is my story that is reflected in the work, a desire to carefully balance love and heartache.

I started making jewelry while living in Colorado. Ten years there, I would learn the basic concept of beaded jewelry & the interest & value of natural gems & minerals. Greatly inspired by traditional Native American jewelry styles at the time, I worked mostly with natural bone & horn hairpipe, turquoise, and shell heishi. After many years with these components, I realized I was mimicking certain styles that my mother wore in the late seventies when I was young. It was a moment, let me tell you, my work and the styles that I had made had new meaning, and my intentions on the Lovebeads Collection became clear. This line is based off a single necklace made of green turquoise nuggets and hammer shell heishi that mom called her lovebeads, and I borrowed them constantly starting at the age of 14.

I had spent most of my youth trying to get as far away from home as possible so as I began to see reflections of home in my work, it stirred up a lot of emotions, you could say..shook the skeletons in my closet. My creativity was entering a new chapter and in walks my dad with some deer antler tips. He thought it would be a good idea to incorporate some into my work. How can I get more- is what happened next. Not only did I want antler, I was curious about all bones, teeth, claws and I wanted to pair them with nice gems..I could visualize it. The Stoned to the Bone Collection took about a year to come clear, but what it boils down to is a reflection of life, which is a reflection of dark & light. In life, I don’t believe you can have one without the other, somehow the highs and lows keep a pretty even score on your ass.

I have done some time in the service industry, actually raised two kids off a waitress’s pay, craft shows & markets on the side. I would save any extra money to stay active in the arts and crafts scene and I was able to participate in most local festivals, which in many cases would bring in more income than a week’s worth of pay. I was interested in trying my jewelry full time and thought hard on it for over a year and began planning. I started the year 2016 , self-employed on my jewelry alone and some crazy dreams.

Like many folks, my life hasn’t been glamorous at all. The struggle to maintain has been as real as it gets as I keep plugging away, and happy to be doing so. Making a living off of your own craft isn’t easy, and there’s no time for quitting.. If you want to succeed (pay your bills, lol) you must be willing to jump with the reality that you’ll always be learning to fly (yes that is a Tom Petty reference).